Why do I have to register for a user ID and password?

To use UVC you must register for a user ID and password to ensure that you only ever gain access to your information from any computer. Your user ID also uniquely identifies you from other users in the UVC messenger service.


Why am I asked to provide personal information when registering?

The personal information requested when registering is not required. It is simply there to create your personal or business profile on the UVC network. This information will only be available to your contacts if you allow them to have access to it. If not, no other user or person will gain access to this information.


What about Privacy?

Privacy is something we take very seriously at UVC. UVC will not use any personal information you provide or pass that information to any third part


What is Java Web Start?

Java Web Start is an application that allows you to launch full featured applications easily from your web browser. UVC is an Internet application that has the ability to be accessed from any computer. In order to allow our users to do this without going through complicated installation procedures from each computer Java Web Start is one of the options used to launch the application. You do not need to use Java Web Start if you use the Full install version of UVC.


I created a user ID and password but when I try to use them I get “Login failed, check user ID or password”?

This is probably due to an upper-case, lower-case issue. The UVC password is case sensitive, check to ensure that you did not have your caps lock on when you created or entered the password. If you still have problems logging in please e-mail us at calendar.


I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you forget your UVC password, launch the UVC program and click on “Forgot Password click here”. You will then be asked to provide your username and the e-mail address you gave when you registered your account. If the e-mail address is correct you will receive an e-mail from UVC providing a link to change your password. You must also answer the secret question you provided when registering your account. If you encounter problems at any time simply e-mail calendar for further help and instructions.


Is it possible to sync my calendar to my phone?

Definitely! You can sync your UVC calendar to your phone using the Sync ML technology. This gives you the ability for two-way synchronization of both your calendar and phone book. Two-way synchronization of your calendar allows you to enter appointments into your phone or directly into UVC and have them share the same information. Many of our clients find synchronizing their phone with their calendar.


Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use UVC?

No. We do have offline support available in our Gold and Business Editions of UVC. You will need to be online however In order to collaborate with your colleagues.


Is UVC able to access other networks like the AOL instant messenger or MSN network?

Yes we do provide limited interoperability with MSN and AOL instant messenger networks.


I have just started using UVC and I’m not sure how to access my information over the Internet. Would it require installing the application on another computer? It would be nice to just open up a browser window and work with it from there without having to install software.

As of version 5.1 we offer access through the web using the UVC Web Edition. This version offers limited functionality compared to the full install version though and we do recommend that when possible to install UVC or use the WebStart version.


When entering a phone number in the address book, I need to be able to enter a number that has a different format than the standard North American 3-3-4. I also need to be able to prefix some numbers with different key combinations(to disable caller ID, call-waiting etc…). Is there any way to do this?

You can change the default phone number format by going to the File menu then Options & Preferences. You can then select the Phone Templates drop down menu and chose one of two pre-formatted options, or select the None option to have no pre-formatting whatsoever. Or, if you need to change a phone number format for a single entry simply click on the icon to the right of the phone number fields and select the formatting option you require.


Is the calendar module included in the basic edition of UVC?

The basic version of UVC includes several function-filled components including not only email, contact and calendar module. Since each of these modules uniquely integrate into each other, we want to impress onto the end user the full power and capability of UVC.


What are some of the functions the calendar module is able to perform? Perhaps give us an example.

The calendar module is able to allot time down to the last minute. Not only can the calendar module be assigned the allotted time to other users of the UVC system, but can also send an instant email message to the alloted user. Additionally, the same alert can also be sent to your mobile phone. A prime example of this function would be to have the calendar repeat its alert every 30 days, such as using the calendar to remind yourself about a credit card payment. The repeat option on the calendar is flexible enough to cover nearly every situation, from every day to every month to every Monday of the third month.

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