Universal Village Collaboration Software Suite is the ultimate offering in CRM and Collaboration tools. The software includes the following out of the box modules: a contact manager, task and project management, online calendar, instant messenger, email and much more. UVC combines freedom, flexibility and security by allowing access to data even when internet connectivity is not available.

UVC brings together teams of people and allows them to work together effortlessly regardless of their physical location. Take the leap from traditional CRM tools and start experiencing a new level of collaboration software freedom.


With NO upfront costs, NO maintenance fees and NO server requirements, think about all the overhead expenses you can save. Our free software upgrades guarantee that you are always on the latest version in our state of the art technology and no server requirements mean lower IT and third party license costs.


Branding is more than logos and graphics. Your brand is an important asset and we at UVC understand that deeply. UVC’s pluggable architecture allows for easy integration with the company’s back-office system(s) and provides a look and feel that matches the brand and corporate identity. Leverage the scalability and availability that powers the UVC network within your environment.


Securely collaborate with members of your team and clients in real-time regardless of whether they’re across the hall or around the world. Easily track client email communications including ones sent by an assistant or other member of the team. All collaborations are secure, tagged and stored for easy reference and compliance.


No more manual imports, no more duplication, we’ll integrate your back-office systems for real-time access to client data and provide you with end-to-end solution that will increase your competitiveness by having everything at your fingertips.


Searching through thousands of emails quickly, flag emails for follow-ups, tag emails quickly for efficient organization. Share your inbox with colleagues. Use Advanced Search for finding important documents or messages in a snap. Combine all your email accounts into one central place, any POP or IMAP email account including Gmail. Yahoo! Mail or Outlook Mail will work in UVC. UVC allows you to access your emails even when you are offline, during travel when you need access to critical information.

Contacts Module

The UVC contacts module allows you to track all your contacts/clients, personal or business, in one easy to use screen. You may also link companies and teams in a customizable tree as well as attach project management tasks, appointments and notes to each contact to easily track a journal activity history for each contact.

The system integrates with Google Maps as well as many VOIP phone systems.

UVC provides an easy to use mail-merge feature as well as import/export from several other applications. You can have a public folder of common company contacts that can be shared by all users.

Messenger Module

The unique UVC messenger contains the greatest number of options available; it combines the use of an instant messenger, chat line and email module. What makes the UVC IM different is that it focuses on the Business needs like:

  • Extensibility and integration with other IM providers
  • Message archiving to keep a history of communications
  • Employs strong security using latest encryption technologies
  • Real-time chat reduces number of emails

Online contacts can be added by using the UVC search functionality to find other friends on the UVC network. Once added chat groups can be formed with as many contacts as you like. While chatting, you’ll be able to take advantage of UVC’s original emoticons, broadcast video and audio to multiple users and invite others to join your group.

Instant messages are also a great way to communicate. They allow you to not only send messages to a contact that is offline but also to receive notifications of special events. When someone wants to schedule a meeting or appointment with you, they can view your available time (if you allow them such access) and send you the request.

You will then be notified of that event and given the option of rejecting or accepting and automatically notifying them in return.


The Calendar module provides seamless access to your day to day appointments in three separate screens. You can view your appointments or all day events in Day, Week or Month format. You can even browse through available time slots for your friends and colleagues who have given you access to their calendar.

The module is easy to use and allows you to send appointment requests to your contacts which in turn can approve or decline all within the same application. It also integrates fully with our project management module, task and followup modules and allows you to track tasks and follow ups right inside the calendar.


The Task Module is a straight forward module that allows you to track short term and long term tasks, assign tasks to colleagues or family members. A full Project Management Module is also available with Gantt Charts, Links and Relationships, Resource Tracking and much more.

In keeping with all of UVC’s collaborative modules, this area allows you to view, edit and assign tasks to your colleagues and friends.


UVC’s state of the art technology bridges the gap between desktop clients and web application. It is a best of breed app which combines the best aspects of all existing groupware solutions.

Best of all, a free version is available which includes many advanced features which are not available in other expensive products such as a hosted Exchange setup. Give UVC a try today.